Q U I N T E T O   E L   T A N G O

T H E   B A N D
Quinteto el Tango is a Polish band which specializes in performing Tango – a musical style which has its  roots in the 19 Lodz and all share a great love for the Tango. 


Quinteto el Tango is unique for presenting stellar new arrangements of well-known and acclaimed tangos. This music is not only very melodic and emotional but can sometimes be deceivingly difficult to perform, though let there be no doubt of its grace and beauty. The band finds a balance between both the Classical and Popular styles, which enhances the modern qualities of the music. As Argentineans say;

​   “Tango means life” and this includes
a great amount of emotion.”


Undoubtedly,this music is able to lead to tremendous waves of feelings brought about by memories which come to listeners’ minds. The band focuses on TWO different STYLES of tango – the  first which is more 

suitable for dance, along with the style most common to concerts.


The band’s favorite artist is the great musician and   revolutionary  of the Tango genre, Astor Piazzolla. 

Quinteto el Tango appreciates his works and performs them with a great sense of pleasure and honour. 


The band’s current repertoire  also includes tangos from some unforgettable Polish artists such as; 

Jerzy Petersburski, Jakub Kagan and Henryk Wars. 


Michał Makulski is the author of the brand new arrangements of their songs.


New Project 


Oliwia Różańska Grand Piano 

Bartłomiej  Dyner Doble Bass 


Maciej  Ćwikliński  Accordion

Jacek  Matuszewski Guitar

Rafał  Rydyger Violin

 A L B U M    R E L E A S E D


The CD is available in the “Ale Jazz” record shop,

Rewolucji 1905 St, Lodz, Poland, or via the internet





Carlos  Gardel  
Pedro  Laurenz

Anibal Troilo
Anibal Troilo

Astor   Piazzolla  

Astor  Piazzolla 
Astor  Piazzolla   
Astor  Piazzolla  
Astor  Piazzolla  
Astor  Piazzolla

Astor  Piazzolla 
Astor  Piazzolla

Astor  Piazzolla

Rodolfo Mederos

Edgardo Donato

Agustin Bardi

Agustin Bardi

Gerardo Matos Rodríguez

Jakub  Kagan

Jerzy  Petersburski 
Jerzy  Petersburski 

Jerzy  Petersburski 

Jerzy  Petersburski

Henryk  Wars

Władysław Szpilman



Por  una  cabeza

Milonga  de  Mis  Amores

Toda Mi Vida
Pa Que Bailen los Muchachos

z  cyklu  Cztery  pory  roku:

Invierno  Porteno
Primavera  Portena

Verano  Porteno
Otono  Porteno


Concierto  para  quinteto

Milonga  del  Angel



Romance del Diablo

Ostinato tango

A Media Luz


Que Noche

La Cumparsita

Jesienna  piosenka

Już  nigdy
Tango Milonga
Ta  ostatnia  niedziela

Najsłodsze  tango

Jedna,  jedyna

W  małym  kinie